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KTM 1190 Options

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I think we have a pretty interesting solution for the KTM 1190Copy (6) of Australian-Made-Logo.gif

The hard panniers available for this bike stick out a kilometer and a half either side of the bike.

The aim at Strapz HQ was to get the whole set up as close to handle bar width as possible. The solution was to think outside the box and use our Traveller Pannierz.

By making a squatter frame and positioning the bags above the muffler, we have achived this. The challenge was then to get a bit more volume into the carrying capacity of the bike and again we jumped out the box. We combined an Avduro Pannier on the left and a Traveller on the right.

As you can see by the photos, the bike is narrow when fitted with either pannier and the only choice you really need to make is whether you like symmetry of asymmetry.

 To view and buy the frame set go here

Frame required
Our minimal, light (1.7kg), mild steel that sits the pannier system above the muffler on the right.
Symetrical Traveller Panner set or Asymetrical Avduro and Traveller set.
CS12 17oz ripstip Aussie canvas with black nylon edge trim
New Zealand-made, high-tensile 50mm release clips rated to 100kg. Unique tie system developed by us.

There are two choices in the KTM 1190/1290 package we offer.



You can either choose a pair of symmetrical Traveller Saddlebags (top), the same bag on both sides of the bike. For those who like the balanced look or if your idea is to  pack a little lighter.



Or for a bit more room (about 10l) choose the Asym Set (this pic) which consists of an Avduro Pannier on the left and  Traveller on the right.

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