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Rano Rain Jacket

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This rain outer is remarkably wind resisitant, has a little stretch and breathability.

We've had some very good feedback about this jacket. A group used them as survival suits at the 2016 Philip Island GP.

I've found it very easy to wear.

outer shell
•  2.5 layer stretch fabric (100% polyamide).

No PVC so they breathe a bit. Not like thos 'Tex fabrics but they are a fraction of the cost.

•  arm adjustment
•  elasticated waist
•  Two way storm cuff
•  integrated hood

The clever adjustment across the body from hips to opposite shoulder blade to keep flapping to a minimum.


Go up one from your jacket if your jacket is snug. The sizes of these are cut with them being an over  jacket. I have a "roomy" XL Jacket but can squeeze into a Large Rano.

Click here for more sizing info

It's not rocket science.

When you take off your wets you need somewhere to put the bloody things.

We've made a super lightweight, tent fly, drawstring bag.


  • 40 cm x 23 cm
  • Black 70 denier ripstop.
  • Shock cord drawstring
  • Made in Australia (by us).

Fits Helix, Cloudburst, Rano and Tempest

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